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Behind the scenes: Inside the Sonsee manufacturing process

Behind the scenes: Inside the Sonsee manufacturing process

Have you ever wondered how your Sonsee favourites go from Italian yarn to comfy plus size wardrobe staples? Today is your lucky day.

Every Sonsee product, from hosiery to intimates, goes on a serious journey before ending up on your doorstep. Today we are taking you on a behind the scenes journey of stage one: design and manufacturing all the way from Italy.

We caught up with the makers behind the magic to discover the process from start to finish when creating a Sonsee product.


  1. Programming

The machine is set up with the specific dimensions for your product. Each item has its own program so the machine knows to make stockings to fit your legs, bras to fit your chest, and bodysuits to fit both! 

  1. Yarning

The machine is loaded with our premium yarn. The 360 Degree Technology means that our garments stretch far more than regular fibres allow. This capability means greater comfort for you and better moulding for the garment.

  1. Knitting

The machine knits – yes, knits! – your garment in one smooth piece. This means no seams and no uncomfortable lines. The product is finished by hand to attach labels and care information.

  1. Dyeing

We all have our favourite colours. After the knitting process, Sonsee products are sent to be dyed using our eco-friendly dyeing process in one of the most advanced dye houses in Europe, so you can be confident your favourite colour stays your favourite colour with every wash and wear.



  1. Pressing

Just like you learned to do at home, the product is then pressed (or ironed) so it arrives seamless, smooth and ready to wear. 

  1. Quality checking

We’re pretty confident in our process, but we like to make extra sure so only the best makes its way to you. 

  1. Packing and shipping

It’s coming your way!


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