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Everyday active with Sonsee

Everyday active with Sonsee

We're all a little bit guilty of the sedentary life. It's a world full of cutting corners and maximising work time. In a lot of cases, maximising desk-time.

No matter your schedule or situation, there are ways to get the blood pumping without messing up your daily routine. Check out our go-to tips and methods.

Stand up

Sitting. It's a common gripe of the health community. Too much time is spent our booty and not enough time working those muscles. So stand up ladies – whenever and wherever you can. And for all those desk-dwellers, look into a standing desk set-up. When you stand up you're stimulating blood flow and also preventing a regular pain in your neck.

Remind yo self

Whether we like it or not, we're often tied to our desks for eight hours a day. That's simply crazy. Sometimes, all we need is a simple nudge. A reminder on your phone, laptop or from a friend can snap you back into action.


While you can't run 5K at your desk, you can move and shake a little. Try booty clenching, core tightening, and pushing up onto your toes slowly and lowering down to your feet. Over time, you'll feel strength in neglected muscle groups. 


Get the squad together and get a lunch-walk happening. We hear it from everyone, but generally fail at light exercise during lunch hour. It's time to gather the gals and hit the pavement – today. If you want to be super organised, we recommend bringing along some activewear for stylish comfort. Shop the Sonsee collection here. 

Stair it up

Use the stairs. It's pretty simple, yet such a crazy notion for some of us. When you're strutting around during the day and come across stairs, do it. Walk up.


With so many free exercise-tracking apps on iPhone and Android these days, there are some amazing tools to set and monitor goals. A pedometer is a simple way to track how many steps you're doing and make a conscious effort to increase that each day. If you just want a simple no-frill pedometer, try your iPhone, which now has an in-built pedometer (5S or newer). Otherwise Map My Walk is another great app on Android. 

Get active everyday and do-it in comfort. Take a look at Sonsee's durable, stylish and comfy activewear range. Werk it girl.