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Guest post: Meagan Kerr on bodysuit style

Guest post: Meagan Kerr on bodysuit style

We've told you that bodysuits will change your life – and we're not the only ones who think so! We teamed up with the lovely Meagan Kerr who showed us how to dress it up or down for any occasion with her top four favourite Sonsee bodysuit looks. 

Bodysuits are great for spring and autumn when we're going through that changeable weather that's not quite warm and not quite cold. These are the times when you want to be able to layer up, making it easy to add and remove items depending on what the temperature is doing - especially if you live somewhere that has four seasons in one day, like I do. Bodysuits are also ideal for wearing in place of a top, because they give you that seamless fit underneath your outfit and solve the problem of tops coming untucked. I'd never worn a bodysuit before, so when Sonsee asked me to style one of theirs I gladly took up the challenge. Here's a few looks I came up with to easily work a bodysuit into my current wardrobe. 

Meagan Kerr bodysuit maxi skirt


There's something about the bodysuit + circle skirt combo that reminds me of dance class, and I'm loving it. You can go for any length circle skirt and this outfit will still look great, and your shoes can change depending on whether you want to dress this up or down (as we're heading in to summer, I'm wearing sandals). I've added a statement necklace to add a little bit of interest and to balance out the bold design on my skirt.

Meagan Kerr bodysuit


For a look that can easily take you from day to night, pair your bodysuit with a skirt and a jacket (or cardigan, or both if it's cold). I've gone for an easily adaptable look with a graphic print on my skirt and a black velvet blazer; and I've chosen lace sneakers and a colourful clutch for an after work look. For daytime I'd ditch the sneakers in favour of brogues or ballet flats (or heels if that's your thing) and a handbag.

Meagan Kerr bodysuit jeans tartan top


Do you tuck your tees in? As someone with a long torso, one thing that often frustrates me is my tee coming untucked or riding up, and a bodysuit stops this from happening - my saviour! I'd usually wear a tank top underneath a button up and pair it with jeans and boots (especially on a chilly day), but switching the tank out for a bodysuit was an easy change. If the day gets warm you can always take that button up top off and tie it around your waist.

Meagan Kerr bodysuit jeans tartan


I've realised that the humble bodysuit is a great solution to quite a few of my fashion dilemmas. If you're wearing a skirt in a fitted style, then a tee or a tank tucked in causes a line where it finishes under the fabric - something that has annoyed me for ages! A bodysuit eliminates that and gives you a seamless finish, which I love. I've accessorised this look with hi top sneakers, pearls and a bright clutch for my own classic mix of dressy and casual, but of course pencil skirts can be styled in many ways.



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Meagan is a blogger from New Zealand who likes to pat dogs. You can find her her adventures in style, self love and life as a plus size woman at This is Meagan Kerr. Meagan wears our Elbow Sleeve Bodysuit in size Radiant (26-28).