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How to layer your clothes this winter without adding bulk

How to layer your clothes this winter without adding bulk

How to layer your clothes this winter without adding bulk

There is an art to layering your outfit. Achieving light and flattering layers that takes skill and knowing which pieces to layer upon one another.

Here are a few tips and tricks for a layered look that will keep you warm and snug, without adding unwanted and uncomfortable bulk.

  1. Choose the right base

When it comes time to de-layer during the day, make sure you’re not caught out with mismatching or inappropriate base pieces. Opt for Long-Sleeve or Elbow Sleeve Body Suits which provides the ‘tucked in’ top look that’s perfectly matched with jeans or a skirt. For the perfect bottom base, try Anti-Chafing Shorts with a lace trim, which can be worn under skirts or dresses and provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort while preventing the dreaded discomfort of chafing.

  1. Slip into something comfortable…all day long

We all want to feel luxurious, lightweight material next to our skin. Slip on a Plus Size Singlet Slip – perfect for an extra layer of comfort and so light and well fitted that only you know it’s there. By day, these slips are perfectly paired with your favourite tights for extra layer of warmth. By night, they fit perfectly underneath eveningwear so you have the freedom to flaunt your favourite dress – even in the middle of winter.

  1. Seamlessly chic 

If you’re sick of your clothes pulling and tugging when you take layers off and on, opt for a body suit, available in singlet, elbow sleeve or long sleeve lengths. These genius garments offer the ultimate warmth and comfort by allowing you to move freely without anything riding up in the wrong places. They are also designed with a clip fastening for easy on and off during the day.

  1. Gift yourself the freedom of perfectly suited tights

Well-fitting hosiery is a godsend during the winter months. They are perfect for wearing under dresses for a stylish look, or you can even layer them underneath your jeans for ultimate warmth. A good pair of Plus Size Tights will unlock new potential for your summer wardrobe, turning your favourite summer dress into a winter-appropriate outfit, or a weekend skirt into workwear. Plus size tights in footless and full length varieties are made from ultra-stretch technology and offer a no-dig, anti-roll waistband and seamless construction mean superior all over comfort and style that you’ll barely know they’re there.

Give yourself the gift of confidence this winter with stylish and comfortable layering. Start with a set of luxurious basics and experiment with your favourite pieces to find the perfect winter outfits.