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Let's talk about being curvy and proud

Let's talk about being curvy and proud

As beautiful, curvy plus size babes, we are often subject to the rumour mill. Whispers of: “Does she eat too much?”, “Does she not work out?”, “She shouldn’t wear XYZ!”.


And what’s worse, sometimes we can be our own worst weapon, and whether we are naturally slim or a little bit more curvy, we can never please.


The truth is, some of us were born this way (thank you, Lady Gaga), and while we may have all gone through a cruel journey at some stage, every person should be able to embrace who they are and be proud. There are some fabulous role models out there who are proving that just because we don’t conform to the ‘average’ doesn’t mean that we can’t rock some truly fabulous style. Booty, boobs, lumps, bumps and all.


So let’s talk about being curvy, and start turning those can’ts in to cans.


MYTH #1: You made yourself that way


Nope. It comes down to genetics or sometimes the side effects of medication. We go about our lives like everyone else, and if we have a slower metabolism, we do our best to work with what we’ve been given.


MYTH #2: You don’t work out


Another big no! Of course we do. We do yoga (and twist ourselves into incredible poses). We box. We hike. We get outdoors. We surf. Have you seen @mynameisjessamyn and @louisegreen_bigfitgirl? Or for some fitness inspiration, Net-A-Porter’s Curvy Fit Club series with model Ashley Graham or our home-grown #AussieFITCurves? All these remarkable curvy ladies are fit and fabulous. And if you’re looking to get kitted out in some active wear, we recommend curve-friendly Puma, ASOS and Running Bare.


MYTH #3: You should only wear dark colours. No stripes and nothing light.


While black is flattering, that doesn’t mean we should restrict ourselves to a life without colour! Dietland’s costume designer, Katie Riley, says that women should go for colours they love and which complement their skin tone. The most important thing, she says, is “the fit and how you feel in the pieces.” Preach it. She recommends going for well-tailored clothing versus oversized pieces, and most importantly, she says, if you feel confident, it will show.


Tip: For extra confidence, we love our non-shapewear shapewear under our clothes for a bit of added support. The best thing about these shorts is they’re comfortable and not restrictive.


For fashion inspiration, we love Candice Huffine, whose every day, accessible stylish feed (cute dachshunds included) also features workouts, what she’s eating and the occasional glamorous, modelling look.


MYTH #4: And don’t even think about skinny jeans


Skinny jeans do mix with curves, thank you very much. It all comes down to proportion. Pair your skinny jeans (and make sure they are fitted, not tight), with a breezy, slightly oversized men’s shirt or blouse.


MYTH #5: You can’t wear stilettos


We’re not quite sure where this came from, but if you’d like to rock your stilettos, then you go girl! We do recommend the age-old trick of matching them with your tights (such as our opaques and sheers) for a streamline, monochromatic look. And we also recommend avoiding shoes with ankle straps, such as Mary Janes, which can cut you off at the ankle.


So don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. You can. Be yourself, be proud and own your curves. Dress for you – how you feel like and what you love. Take care of yourself and work out. Just be you and be confident.