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New Mum, new shape, new shapewear

New Mum, new shape, new shapewear

The joy of new motherhood is extraordinary, but it brings a few adjustments. Along with the realisation that you’ve never loved like this before, is an adjustment to a whole new physicality.

It’s amazing what your body can do, but you wish it would do a few of those things a bit quicker. Like the belly bouncing back and the boobs bouncing up. Sonsee says congratulations and has a couple of tricks for you.

Our shapewear shorts will hold you firmly but gently while you rediscover your muscles. They’re knitted in one piece from an amazing 360° stretch Italian fibre with panels that provide support where you need it. But the best thing is the comfort. You’ll be happy to wear them all day, feel good and look good, too.

When you’ve had a baby (or you’re about to), it’s not so comfortable going braless, even at night. Sonsee’s comfort bra will keep everything in place (including your nursing pads) without restricting you at all. Sleep is precious, right now. The last thing you need is straps that dig, cups that twist and pads that creep out. They’re good for everyday, too. If you’re feeding lots and find things a bit heavy, try wearing two at once. They’ll hold you firm, still without cramping your style.

Sonsee washes beautifully. Just pop it in a washing bag in your machine along with the mountain of baby stuff. Sorry!