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Smooth is the new shape

Smooth is the new shape

We’re really excited to be launching our first shapewear product, fabulous high waisted shorts that smooth all the way from under the bust to above the knee. But we don’t really want to call them shapewear because they’re not that girdle type garment you may have experienced before – the tight, constricting, bulge-causing, uncomfortable, can’t-wait-to-get-it off item that just pushes you from one place to another.



Our shorts are firm, not tight. Smooth, not cutting. Comfy, not suffocating. And above all, they stay in place to do their job where they’re supposed to do it. And they do it so comfortably, you can wear them all day under any outfit without realising.



Perhaps we should just call them shaping underwear, because that’s what they do. They’re a waist cincher because they have special knitted-in control panels that shape you in all the right places to make the most (or do we mean least) of what you have. And they’re a mood enhancer, too. Because when you look good and you’re comfortable, you feel more confident. And we all want a piece of that.

There will be more. We’re working on shaping underpants, leggings and tights. Let us know what would be the best shapewear for you, whether it’s a shapewear slip, or strapless shapewear. We’re listening.

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