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Stay Body Positive with an Australian Plus-Sized Role Model

Stay Body Positive with an Australian Plus-Sized Role Model

Introducing Amelia Stubbs – model, entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, and everyday wonder woman. She’s a passionate advocate for body positivity and diversity in the advertising industry, working tirelessly to shift expectations and evolve antiquated ideals of beauty. We sat down with her and chatted about life, being a curvy role model and her favourite Sonsee plus-size pieces!


Tell us about yourself (who you are, what you do).

My name is Amelia Stubbs but most know me as ‘Curvy Amelia’! I am a Melbourne-based curvy, plus-sized model who promotes body positivity and body diversity through social media and working with wonderful shapewear and underwear brands like Sonsee!

What made you decide to become a role figure for the curvy community?

Growing up, I never really felt as though there was anyone in the media I could look up to at the time so, as a curvy woman I decided I was going to try and fix this problem for other young women!

You’ve been an incredible voice in this space. What do you think the media could do more of to portray strong, fabulous women like you?

Thank you! I believe the media could feature more curvy women over all platforms – television, magazines, billboards etc. I don’t think there is enough body diversity shown and I feel like I’m constantly seeing the same body shapes over and over again.

What are some of the misconceptions you have encountered as a curvy lady?

One of the biggest misconceptions as a curvy lady is that I don’t want to look fashionable. I’ve always loved clothes and dressing up but there just hasn’t been much choice in plus-size garments for me as a size 16!

What message do you have for other curvy girls out there trying to find themselves?

My message to other curvy girls would be to let go of what you’ve previously thought of yourself or taken on from others and start fresh! Fill your social media feed with inspiring and relatable women, buy clothing that makes you feel fabulous and embrace your body just the way it is!

What keeps you inspired?

Working with unique brands like Sonsee that make high-quality, plus-sized undergarments, bras and shapewear keeps me inspired. I get so excited when I can share amazing garments with my tribe on social media and proudly wear brands that are fighting for positive body image as well.

We have to ask, what is your favourite Sonsee product?

My favourite Sonsee product is the Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights in black – they feel luxurious, don’t cut in to my tummy and are perfect to wear under almost any dress/skirt!

And finally, what is your favourite curvy girl quote?

My favourite curvy girl quote is “If your thighs touch then you’re one step closer to being a mermaid!”. I’m not too sure who originally said this but every time it pops up on social media, I have a little giggle!

You can follow Amelia and her fashion journey on Instagram under the handle @curvyamelia