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The bra you wear when you’re sick of bras

The bra you wear when you’re sick of bras

The search for the perfect bra is life long.

The one that doesn’t pinch, sag, skewer you with underwire, break (!) and dig in.

There’s a price to pay for those elegant skinny straps and moulded cups with lacy edges – bulges. Bulges under the arms, on the shoulders, and especially across the back.

So when you’re in the mood for comfort, the first thing you ditch is the 10cm killer heels, and the second thing is the sexy half-cup bra.

That’s when you reach for the Sonsee Comfort bra.

The people at Sonsee understand the female form, and they’ve applied that understanding to the engineering of this bra.  The high back means the straps don’t fall down your shoulders. The wide, soft band holds firm but not tight, so the bra stays where it should. The t-shirt style all-round shaping eliminates all those nasty lines from a normal bra.

And then, there’s the comfort. Made from the same 360 degree stretch yarn as Sonsee’s famous hosiery, the bra gives ultimate freedom of movement. So you can enjoy a stay-at-home evening bingewatching. Or not, because this bra’s happy to be seen, too. Sleek and smooth under a t-shirt. Or even a casual overshirt with the buttons open.

Maybe we need to redefine sexy when it comes to bras. Sexy is loving the skin you’re in. Because how you feel is how you look. Good.