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Comfort and Stylish Plus Size Anti Chafing Shorts

Lightweight and breathable, Sonsee Woman’s anti chafing shorts are your summer secret. Enjoy the freedom of fun skirts and summer dresses without your legs chafing and burning all day. Our anti chafing shorts have been praised by women as a comfortable, revolutionary piece that’s changing their summer wardrobe.


Buy plus size anti chafing shorts online and enjoy delivery to your door

Our online store makes it simple to get the clothing you want, delivered anywhere around the world. Our Australian customers can spend $100 or more and take advantage of our free shipping, while international buyers can enjoy competitive rates to many countries around the globe. We also provide our online customers with peace of mind with a 30-day money back guarantee, ensuring you love your purchase or get a complete refund, no questions asked.


Anti chafing shorts designed to be stylish and functional

Sonsee Woman anti chafing shorts are purposefully designed to be lightweight, breathable and super stretchy. They embrace your curves with soft, seamless fabric so comfortable you’ll forget you even have them on. From stretchy hosiery to beautiful layering bodysuits and undergarments, we’ve created a collection that’s versatile, stylish and showcases our commitment to quality and fit.


Designed in Australia, made in Italy

Sonsee is a plus size women’s fashion label that started with a mission to allow all women to enjoy comfortable and stylish fashion. We’ve seen how mainstream fashion stores have continued to limit their stock and availability for plus size women, and we wanted to change it. Our garments are designed by Australian women and manufactured to the highest standard of workmanship and European style.


The best protection against thigh chafing

Thigh chafing can make summer unpleasant and also affect the styles of clothing you choose to wear. You want to keep the areas that rub as protected as possible, but you also want to look your best. Anti chafing shorts sit like a second skin, absorbing the friction that occurs and inflames and irritates the area, without being noticeably thick or inhibiting. This means you have the freedom to wear your favourite dresses and outfits, without worrying about your shorts looking bulky. Our 360º Stretch Technology fabric provides a silky, almost invisible layer that prevents thigh chafe from occurring.

The top ways to prevent thigh chafe

Thigh Chafe can occur just going about your daily life, but it can be exacerbated during sports and exercise, or because of ill-fitting clothing.

  • Anti chafing shorts – Our first recommendation is always the simplest. Anti chafing shorts are easy to wear and provide the best protection. One of the best things about our shorts is how they don’t simply prevent chafing, they provide relief and help your skin recover by not exposing your thighs to further friction and allowing them to heal.
  • Anti-chafe moisturiser – Doubling as a deodorant and moisturiser, they generally contain aloe vera and other ingredients to help alleviate the pain of chafing. They can be used preventively in conjunction with anti- chafing shorts.
  • Moisturisers – Regular moisturiser is also good for treating and preventing thigh chafe. Topical applications are aimed minimisation rather than total prevention, but a good moisturiser can be an invaluable layer of protection.
  • Hydration – Your skin is a living organ so keeping hydrated is a key part minimising your chances of chafing. Drinks lot of water and make sure you increase your intake when exercising and on warm days.


Ways to treat thigh chafe

Chafing can be painful and make even walking an ordeal. Your best course of treatment is to stop any activity that causes rubbing and friction. You can also:

Apply cream or lotion to soothe the area – There are many different products that can provide relief from the pain. Most contain moisturising ingredients as well as ones, such as aloe, to soothe the area. Apply the lotion or balm and allow your skin to rest and recover.

Get some fresh air – Avoid tight, restrictive clothing that causes you to sweat. Keeping your skin dry is key to preventing the problem from getting worse. Go for breathable fabrics and loose fits that allow air to circulate freely.

See your doctor – If the pain and inflammation doesn’t go away after a few days, you may want to see your GP to prescribe a topical steroid. You can get one from the pharmacy without a prescription, but we recommend consulting your doctor for professional medical advice.


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