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Top-Quality Plus Size Comfort Bras for Australian Women

Sonsee Woman understands that it can be a challenge to find a fitted, comfortable bra that helps lift and support you all day long. We are excited to provide plus size women with stylish, plus size bras that provide superior comfort and support every day. Our bras promise a great fit and specially designed straps that won’t dig into your skin, all constructed from the best fabrics and materials.


Buy plus size bras online and enjoy fast delivery straight to your door

At Sonsee Woman, we are excited about our comfortable fitted bras that stretch to your shape. To help you get the very best products delivered to your doorstep, we offer Australian online customers free delivery on all orders of $50 or more. Our international customers can take advantage of our competitive shipping rates to a wide range of locations around the globe. This makes it easy for women everywhere to enjoy the comfort and freedom of Sonsee Woman garments.

We are so confident you’ll love our products that we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind. Simply buy online at sonseewoman.com and if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase — no questions asked.


Plus size comfort bras designed in Australia and crafted in Italy

Our bras have been designed especially for women with curves. We have taken the time and effort to create a bra that focuses on fit and quality, ensuring that it is breathable and lightweight, and takes the strain off your neck and shoulders without the discomfort of a heavy underwire. The Sonsee Woman range of underwear is made with European workmanship, ensuring exceptional quality, style and durability across our entire product catalogue.


Comfort and style in one perfect package

A plus size bra from Sonsee Woman is the most comfortable way to accentuate, support and show off your curves. Our comfort bras are designed to complement your body shape, without constricting your body or making you feel you’re wearing a harness. In the past, plus size bras have focussed on support at all costs, with little attention paid to how it looked under clothing or even how comfortable it was. Sonsee Woman has created an undergarment that features seamless construction and uses 360º Stretch Technology, resulting in a bra that flatters and supports, while being virtually invisible under clothing.


Italian fabrics, European style and Australian-designs

Sonsee Woman scoured the globe to find the right material for our support and shapewear and found it in Italy. Designed to stretch without losing strength or shape, this revolutionary fabric has formed the basis for a large part of our product range. All our garments feature designs that have been made by Australians, specifically to suit Australian body types and lifestyles.


Benefits of choosing the right bra

There are many benefits to getting the right bra and fit, including:


When you wear a bra that is giving you the right support and comfort, you stand and sit straighter, feel more able to exercise and generally carry yourself with more confidence. A good fit can help reduce hunching at your desk, slouching on the couch and improve your overall core strength.


As your physical outlook improves, so too does your mental one. A well-fitting bra will give you more confidence in your appearance and overall comfort levels, helping you to focus on your positive aspects and not the stress caused by discomfort.


Ill-fitting underwear and clothing can contribute to irritation from chafing, which can have implications for infections and other problems.


When you feel supported and comfortable, you feel free to participate more in life. You can play sport and wear the clothing you love, exercise and get fit, and all the things you should be free to enjoy.


How to get the right fitting bra

There are two ways to get the right fitting bra – measure yourself or find a professional

Measure yourself

There are three main elements to a bra

Band – measure around your ribcage, directly under your bust.

Bust – measure around your ribcage at the fullest part of your bust.

Cup – subtract the band from the bust and the difference is your cup size in inches. This corresponds with a letter size.

This is a good place to start, but you should still try on a range of bras in this range to find the exact one for you.

A professional

A professional bra fitter is someone who will take your measurements and use their knowledge and experience to find the right bra for you. They are generally attached to department stores and particular brands, but you can find independents.