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Breathable, Comfortable Plus Size Hosiery

The Sonsee range of hosiery is specially designed for comfort and elasticity, while not compromising on that sophisticated look that you expect from tights and stockings. We’re excited to share this fantastic range, giving plus size women easier access to a range of comfortable fitting tights for everyday wear.

Find a unique range of tights, from opaque beauties for a romantic night out, to sheer pieces designed to give you that smooth look. Sonsee hosiery uses unique, revolutionary designs and a premium blend of polyamide and elastane for the perfect 360 degree stretch. That means no digging in and no creases – just all day, effortless comfort.


Australian designed intimates

Our hosiery is the winning collection of Sonsee. We’ve seen how curvier women have tried to force their legs through small tights and pantyhose, only to be unable to pull them all the way up, or to find they’ve torn. We want to offer every woman the freedom of choice with high quality, beautiful hosiery, and that’s exactly what you can expect from our entire range.

We are Australia’s leading designers of plus size intimates and fashion staples, making it easier for women of all sizes to feel trendy. Enjoy durable tights for every occasion, and sport anti-chafing shorts for comfortable wear all year round.

Standard stockings aren’t designed to stretch and sculpt the body, but our Italian-made tights and socks have been made with the best 360-degree elasticity, so no sagging or wrinkling. The anti-roll waistbands are designed to stay put, while still offering smooth and comfortable fit that doesn’t dig into your waist. Stockings also feature thigh and toe reinforcement to add comfort and durability so you can enjoy your Sonsee for longer.

Find that perfect fit

Discover why so many of our customers have fallen in love with Sonsee hosiery. Avoid the discomfort of ill-fitting tights with our comfortable range of knee-highs and full-length tights in sheer and full coverage to suit any occasion. You’ll be sure to enjoy these stunning tights, that embrace and enhance the plus size figure.