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Today we celebrate women. Not only the amazing things we have accomplished but the amazing things we are going to accomplish. Everyday women conquer great feats by themselves but when we support one another even more incredible things happen. We create a community, a support network and a legacy. Sonsee Woman activity promotes supporting one another and better the lives of everyone around us. This year for International Womens Day we have joined with Bopo Women to celebrate, collaborate and demonstrate the power of uniting together.
Bopo Women is like no other skin care brand. They don't promise to ‘transform’ or ‘fix’ your skin. They use nature’s finest ingredients and essential oils to create products that contain true self-care benefits to relieve stress, improve sleep, lift mood, rejuvenate and empower. 

Like Bopo Women, we believe in the power of self-love. It should not be just limited to today though. Everyday you should remember to take time to reflect on why you are proud to be a woman and proud to be you.
To celebrate IWD, Bopo Women have kindly sent us their Aphrodite Perfume Roller to gift with the next 20 orders! This fragrance combines the heavenly Ylang Ylang with Grapefruit Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Patchouli and Mandarin Oil to create a feminine blend fit for a goddess.

Don't miss out! Valued at $19.95. First 20 orders ONLY.