Spring Racing Shapewear & Intimates


Spring Racing Season is fun. Horses, races, bets won (and lost!) and good times out in the sun.

But we all know what it’s really about – the fashion. And we also know that with fashion so often comes pain. Sore feet from heels, weird burn lines from that low cut dress, sore head from too many bubbles… the list goes on.

Don’t let too tight shapewear spoil your day. Say hello to something made for comfort. So you can eat, drink and dance the day (and night!) through.


Racewear shapewear

Sonsee shapewear is designed to support without restriction, to smooth without suffocating. Think of it as a comfort layer that adds confidence to your racewear outfit.

This isn’t the kind of shapewear that leaves you breathless. It’s not the kind that takes ten minutes to get in and out of or one that prevents you from sitting or standing with ease.

Simple. Comfortable. Beautiful. And with all the benefits of our anti-chafing shorts rolled into one. Bliss.

  1. How do I wash and take care of my shapewear shorts?
    You’ll find these instructions on the product tag but can also find details with each product listing
  2. How do I figure out my shorts size?
    Don’t automatically jump to a size up. Generally, you should go for your standard size and reference our size guide - for peace of mind.
  3. How do shapewear shorts differ to anti chafing shorts?
    A few distinct ways. Our anti chafing shorts are lighter weight, have a medium rise band and come in both long and short leg options. Shapewear shorts are a medium weight, have a high rise band, smoothe and shape, and are a short leg length. For more info, visit each product listing.
  4. How long are Sonsee shorts?
    You’ve got options. Our anti chafing shorts come in both long and short leg options. For our shapewear shorts, it’s a short leg option to suit underneath all garments. For more info, view our size guide.