Best kept wedding secret

Put your best foot forward in shapewear that breathes. Sonsee shapewear will give you that smooth bridal silhouette you’re seeking, while adding a little support to give you that extra little boost of confidence.

Now walk down that aisle in comfort and style!
Dress: check. Shoes: check. Special someone waiting to say ‘I do’: check. But have you thought about your base layer?

Your friends will tell you suck it in and push it up, your relatives will tell you go free, your dog will tell you the colour is wrong and your front door might even get a word in, too.

We’re here to tell you the secret to a perfect wedding day: choose only what’s comfortable for you.

Our shapewear brings the best of support without any of the restriction. It’s like a hug that will make you feel secure, in control and full of confidence.

It’s your special day, after all. You don’t want to spend it uncomfortable.


  1. Can I return shapewear shorts if I’ve purchased the wrong size?
    Absolutely. If you’ve purchased shorts online at we have a 30 day money back guarantee. However, in-store purchases of this product will have store specific return policies. For more details visit our Returns and Exchanges page.
  2. Do shapewear shorts come in various colours?
    Shapewear shorts come in nude or black – the most popular shades for underneath a wedding outfit.
  3. Long or short shorts for my dress?
    Generally, this depends on the length of your dress, but it also comes down to how much shaping feels right for you. Some brides want the shaping to continue to just before the knee, but others are happy with a shorter leg. Reference our size guide for dimensions.
  4. Should I choose anti chafing shorts over shapewear shorts?
    It depends what you really want or need from your shorts. They’re both different designs with unique purposes. If you’re more worried about the summer sweat factor, you can still get support from anti-chafing shorts – just not the full shapewear effect. Get familiar with the intricate details of each product by checking out the product listing pages before making your decision.