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Be Occasion Ready!

Be Occasion Ready!

Spring is here! And you know what that means! Occasions!
Once you have your killer outfit sorted, and it's time to think about your skin, make up and nails. The winning trifecta to ensure you feel and look fabulous all day long.
Here are our top tips for conquering the winning look occasion season.
It’s a good idea to prepare and look after our skin.
Whether you’re preparing for a spray tan or not, starting with full body exfoliation will transform tired, dull skin into a glowing, radiant complexion.
Not only does exfoliation make your skin feel and look super soft, but dry body brushing is also amazing for your overall health, helping to boost circulation, sweep away dead skin cells and improve digestion. A win-win! Pay particular attention to your ankles, elbows and knees as these tend to be the driest areas on your body.
Occasion ready skin:
Using a pair of exfoliating gloves or a body brush, starting at the feet, use a small, circular motions and gentle work your way up your body, being extra-light with sensitive areas.
After your regular shower routine, while your skin is still damp, lather on your favourite body oil or body lotion to lock in the moisture.
If you’re going to be in the sun a lot, make sure to wear sunscreen!
Make up:
Like your body, preparing your occasion face is essential. Make sure you put on your favourite nourishing face mask and night cream the night before, and start your day with your usual skin care regime at least 30 minutes before you put on your makeup to give your skin time to soak in the goodness.
Remember, if it's a daytime event it will likely be hot and probably a little sweaty and the last thing you need is for your full face of make up to melt! Keep your makeup simple and minimum and be sure to keep some touch-ups in your bag – moisturising lipstick and powder are essential.
Pro tip: kick start hydration and sip on at least one litre of water the morning of the occasion. Trust us, your skin and post-occasion day self will thank you for it!
Polished Nails:
Whether you’re waving across to friends or sipping your champagne, Spring occasions are the perfect time to polish up those fingers and toes. To ensure your mani and pedi complements your outfit, go for a colour that matches.
Important: When shaping your nails (fingers and toes), opt for a short, smooth nail to avoid putting any runs in your favourite Sonsee tights.
Nail your colour:
Printed dress: Go for something a little more muted. Try black shade, dark reds or blues.
Black dress: Have some fun with your nails. Opt for bright colours; corals, pinks and blues will make a fun statement. If you’re feeling festive, experiment with a little nail art.
Block colours: Pick a polish that’s in contrast with your dress colour and add a sprinkle of glitter. White will also pop next to a bold colour and is a fresh alternative to black.
Bonus tip: Rescue your thighs!
There is nothing worse than painful chafing on occasion day. A pair of anti-chafing shorts will keep you feeling comfortable and free all day long. Shop Sonsee Anti-chafing Shorts here
Apply these winning tips to your occasion day preparation to help you feel confident, comfortable and look your absolute best all day long!