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Kicking goals with 40 winks.

Kicking goals with 40 winks.

Are daily yawn-fests preventing you from kicking life goals? Apparently, it’s a yes. A big resounding YES.

We've got the word from family, friends and health experts alike; sleep is the secret ingredient to kicking ass and feeling A-OK.

It's true – sleep empowers us all. And we've got the reasons why...


Immune to the nasties.

According to a 2009 study, it was found that sleeping for less than seven hours led to an increased potential of catching a dreaded cold. Who has time for an irritable cold these days? Not us.


Feeling oh so fine.

As it turns out, feeling tired isn't great for the mood – which is not exactly a surprise. We tend to get a little off-centre and grumpy, unable to radiate our full potential. Our advice, hit the snooze button occasionally, it's worth it.



Stress is no bundle of fun and can inhibit our ability to tackle day-to-day tasks. According to a Stanford University study, stress and sleep are intrinsic to one another. With sleep combating stress, there's much better control of blood pressure.


Werk it, at peak. 

Getting active is a lot easier when you hit the pillow at the right time. Scientists in Brazil found that lack of sleep meant your body would take longer to recover and gain muscle, leading to real weakness of the body – the perfect state for injury. So let's stop this self-sabotage and hit the hay at a reasonable hour.


Creative energy

We're all curiously clever when asleep, strengthening our learnings from the day. Since learning is a key to creativity, we advise on some extra time in The Land of Nod tonight. Let your creative spirit run free, with a little help from The Sandman. 

If you're ready to jump back into bed after this, we encourage it. There's nothing better than jumping into PJs after a long day at work – or anytime really. For some indulgent plus-size sleepwear, definitely take a look at Peter Alexander's range.