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Style influencers

Style influencers

There’s nothing like Instagram to hone your personal style and inspire you to shake things up! We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite plus size style mavens. These ladies exude confidence and individuality, putting their unique spin on current and upcoming trends. What we really love is their joyful approach to fashion freedom.


Jennifer Atilémile

We love Jennifer Atilémile. That’s why when it came to choosing the face of Sonsee Woman, we knew it had to be Jenn. Of course her Instagram account is as beautiful as she is (she is a model after all!) and gives followers a peek into her day-to-day style. From active wear, to lingerie, great dresses and hip daywear, Jenn’s Instagram will give you an immediate style injection.



Jo’s 20,000+ followers are onto something. The woman’s got style by the bucketload! What’s great about @icurvy is that you can genuinely imagine yourself wearing the outfits. It’s unpretentious but still glamorous. Jo’s joyful approach to her wardrobe, whether she’s in a sequinned dress or a bikini radiates from the screen.



Kate Wasley

A few minutes browsing Kate Wasley’s Instagram will have you wishing you were heading to the beach and reaching for a cocktail. This blonde, Perth-based model is gorgeous, with more sun kissed beach shots than you could hope for! Kate gives her followers a taste of her coastal lifestyle and leaves an impression of relaxed, optimistic glamour.



Lilli Pascuzzi, Frocks and Frou Frou


Lilli Pascuzzi’s Instagram is a whimsical and eclectic mix of photography featuring everything from vintage cookbooks to holiday snaps, and of course, fashion. Lilli’s creative flair shines through her fashion posts. Her account has a somewhat nostalgic and homespun vibe (she even sews some of her outfits herself), perfect if you’re looking for a look that’s ladylike but still fresh.



Jenni Eyles, Styling Curvy

A Sonsee Woman ambassador, Jenni loves her Sonsee Woman tights. And here at Sonsee Woman, we love Jenni. Yes, Jenni has great style but it’s Jenni’s confidence and energy that elevates her Instagram to our “must follow” list.

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